By Julie McElwain


Publisher: Pegasus Crime (July, 2018)
Format: Hardcover
Price: $25.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-68177-766-5

Kindle edition: $12.99

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Kendra Donovan series (Book 3)


Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel
(September, 2018)


One moment, FBI agent Kendra Donovan was staring down the barrel of a gun; the next, she was falling into endless darkness, excruciating pain ripping her body apart. The light at the end of the tunnel put her in the same place she’d just been, Aldridge Castle, but the time was 1815.

Kendra has now been in Regency England for two months, still trying to reconcile her life before and after the fatal encounter. She’d fallen on her feet, gaining the protection and favor of Albert Rutherford, the seventh Duke of Aldridge. A man of science and reason, he believes her story of time travel, enthralled with her description of the wonders of the future. His nephew Alexander Morgan, the Marquis of Sutcliffe, is also in on her secret, but his interest in her is of a more personal nature.

The Duke’s sister is not in on Kendra’s back-story, and she is not a fan. She considers Kendra brazen, overly bold, and downright odd. To separate the two, the duke is taking Kendra and her maid, Molly, to visit one of his lesser properties in Lancashire. A heavy fog strands the party in the Yorkshire village of East Dingleford. Walking into town, they run into a band of angry men armed with sledge hammers and other weapons of destruction. They are Luddites, working men fighting the progress of the Industrial Revolution that is taking away their jobs in favor of machines. Their night’s work had been to destroy said machines in the local mill.

While the Duke’s party is getting settled in the Green Maiden inn, word comes that a body has been found in the mill. Kendra, missing her job as a criminal profiler and field agent, convinces her guardian to take her to the scene of the crime. Mr. Stone, the mill’s manager, is in his office, head bashed in, and the constable declares it an open and shut case. The felonious Luddites did it, he had no doubt.

Kendra’s reading of the crime scene tells her a different story. The local authorities are scandalized by this pushy American woman who thinks she knows more than they do, but she convinces the Duke and the acting magistrate that she is right.  

CAUGHT IN TIME is a delightful blend of Highlander-style time travel, FBI thriller, and Regency romance in one entertaining package. The world Kendra finds herself in is richly detailed, the historic aspects thoroughly researched and seamlessly woven into the story. Highly recommended.

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