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By Matthew Dunn

William Morrow, August 9, 2011 ($25.99)

ISBN-10: 0062037676
ISBN-13: 978-0062037671

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Over the years espionage thrillers have become less and less thrilling while at the same time, become more and more predictable. I am pleased to say that Matthew Dunn's debut novel SPYCATCHER is a reversal of that trend. Mr. Dunn introduces the reader to Will Cochrane, a spy for today's modern world where life is cheap, death quick — if not easy, and the spy game rules are rough. Trust comes at a high price. Betrayal is often cheaper. Death is always nearby, waiting...waiting for one mistake, one slight slip up.

Cochrane is tasked with locating and neutralizing a terrorist mastermind believed to be in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Cochrane devises a plan to accomplish this mission however, his adversary is more cunning and treacherous than he anticipated. This may be Cochrane's first failed mission. And it may very well cost him his life.

The author is an experienced MI6 field officer. He recruited and ran agents. He coordinated and participated in special ops. He was trained in intelligence gathering, surveillance, weapons, explosives, and all the skills a spy might need at his disposal. After reading SPYCATCHER, I am convinced Mr. Dunn was a very good spy! I hope he plans to continue writing espionage thrillers. It's time for a new voice in the genre.

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