By Margaret Grace


Publisher: Perseverance Press (2016)
Format: Paperback
Price: $15.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-56474-575-0

 Kindle edition: $15.15

A Miniature Mystery (Book #9)


Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Gerry Porter’s life couldn’t be better. Her eleven-year-old granddaughter Maddie is staying with her while her parents are away on business. The retired English teacher has plenty to keep her busy, and she loves working on her miniature houses. Best of all, Henry Baker, a retired wood-working teacher she met while working at Lincoln Point High School finally slipped a ring on her finger. They are to be married at the Lincoln Point Inn in a matter of days. The future looks bright.

At least it did, until she got a call from the inn’s owner, Nora Michaels.  Nora is in distress, saying the inn will be closed while the police investigate a death, and that it might affect Gerry’s upcoming wedding. “The poor woman,” Nora says, hanging up before Gerry can ask what she means. Gerry is in the middle of the weekly meeting of the local miniaturists at her home. They’re all curious about her evident distress, and when she gets another call, from her nephew, homicide detective Skip Gowen, it’s evident something is very wrong. As the meeting ends, Skip arrives in his official vehicle. He takes Ron Templeton, the token man in the crafts group, aside to inform him that his wife, Audrey Moore, is dead. 

As is usually the case, the husband is the prime suspect. Ron cools his heels in jail while his alibi is verified. Luckily, it seems water-tight, and he’s released. Knowing that Gerry has been helpful to the police in past criminal cases, he asks her to use her skills to find the real killer. Ron is a kind, helpful, mild-tempered man, and Gerry is sympathetic to his cause.

She immediately starts nosing around, looking for things the police might have missed, and making a list of potential suspects. Her granddaughter is eager to help, and persists even though it makes Gerry nervous. Maddie is head-strong and resourceful, and goes her own way with no thought of danger. Gerry is also unhappy that Skip, who had previously let her into the details of his cases, is now shutting her out.

Will the family mend their broken fences? Will Gerry discover the killer before the police do? Will the wedding go as planned? That is for the reader to discover, and it will not be easy to figure it all out.

This is the ninth in the entertaining Miniature Mystery series, written by Camille Minichino under the pen name Margaret Grace. It is reliably fun, the plot crisp and fair, the characters real and deftly drawn.  Lincoln Point, California, is a pleasant, idyllic place to live, with the exception of the occasional murder. I look forward to seeing how Gerry’s life changes with her new marriage. I predict the newly formed family will continue to grow together in love and harmony. And the occasional murder.  Minichino also writes the successful Periodic Table Mysteries, and, under the pen name Asa Madison, Mathematical Mysteries. As Jean Flowers, she writes the Postmistress Mysteries.

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