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By Marilyn Wallace

Bantam, (April, 1999) Paperback, 320 pages. $5.99
ISBN 0-553-58072-8

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

Calling all fish lovers, CURRENT DANGER is for you. There are enough red herring swimming through the pages of Marilyn Wallace's story to sate Moby Dick.

Claudia Miller is a tough woman in a tough business--construction. Years of hard work and street smarts have given her a measure of success far more satisfying than any bauble her father's money could have given her. Yet one day, echoes of a past tragedy threaten to destroy her and everyone she cares about.

Who is extracting vengeance for an accidental death that happened almost twenty years earlier? Is it the suave Russian émigré businessman, who lies with the ease that most people draw breath, the cop who says trust me, or someone else? As loved ones of workers on the earlier project die in very strange ways, Claudia trusts no one. Her fear of the police kills someone near to her as she gropes through a morass of memory and fact sifting details until she narrows it down to three possible assassins.

In spite of a huge cast of characters, the story moves quickly. Wallace makes her readers care what happens and puts enough action on each page to keep them turning. Don't throw this one back without reading!

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