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By Georges Simenon
Translated by Geoffrey Sainsbury

Penguin Books, 2006 ($12.00)
ISBN: 0-14-303728-5

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

This Inspector Maigret story is a bit different than most; instead of tracking down a murderer, Maigret is helping one to escape from prison.

Joesph Heurtin has been convicted of murdering two women and has been sentenced to death. His only defence was that he claims he is innocent. However if he did not commit the murders, why will he not explain how he came to be at the home of the murdered women?

Maigret suspects that Heurtin did not commit the crime, or perhaps he had an accomplice that he is too frightened to divulge. Maigret hopes by abetting in his escape Heurtin will lead him to his partner or the true murderer.

The author first introduced Inspector Maigret to his readers in 1931.

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