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By Jennifer Colt

Broadway Books, June, 2006 ($11.95)
Trade Paperback Original ISBN: 0-7679-2012-0

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Twin sisters Kerry and Terry McAfee operate on the premise that "two pairs of private eyes are better than one." The two were introduced to readers in THE BUTCHER OF BEVERLY HILLS. (How I missed that one, I don't know, but I'll be looking for a copy as soon as I get to a bookstore!) They ride a hot-pink Harley and are trying to keep a leaking roof (in the guise of a cabin inherited from their grandfather) over their pretty red heads by solving crimes. They can't think of any better way to make money and keep an eye out for each other. According to Kerry, she's the "good" twin and Terry is the "terrible" twin. They have two dogs, one named Muffy and one named Paquito.

The twins' eccentric benefactor, Aunt Reba has just moved from Beverly Hills to Malibu Beach. Her son, Robert (Cousin Robert, to the twins) has checked into rehab. While unpacking, Reba discovers an unpleasant surprise rolled up in one of her Persian rugs: a decapitated body. And who should show up during the police investigation but Cousin Robert with a severed head and no idea where he's been?

Of course the twins aren't about to let Aunt Reba and Cousin Robert go to prison, so they swing into action to solve the case.

I'm always a sucker for a zany investigator, so why not zany twins? I peaked at the prologue, fell madly in love with the characters, and couldn't put the book down until I'd read every page. It was a rollicking good romp!

I loved the wackiness of this pair of private eyes! I couldn't stop reading I was having so much fun. The author provided good pacing with plenty of plot twists, great dialogue, and fun insights into these mismatched or non-identical twins. I can barely contain my excitment waiting for the next book in the series, VAMPIRE OF VENICE BEACH! (Due out in April, 2007)

This is the second book in the series. The first title is: THE BUTCHER OF BEVERLY HILLS.

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