By Caimh McDonnell


Publisher: McFori Ink (2016)
Format: Paperback
Price: $11.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-9955075-0-0
Kindle edition: $4.99

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Dublin Trilogy (Book One)


Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel
(May, 2019)


Paul Mulchrone’s face is ordinary, nothing special. It’s the kind of face that causes the elderly folks he visits in hospice care think he might be a loved one or a friend. He goes along with it, knowing it gives them comfort. Martin Brown is not like the other patients, he’s angry and foul-mouthed and altogether unpleasant. Mr. Brown thinks Paul’s the son of an old acquaintance, a man he very much does not like. He doesn’t much like Paul either. By the end of their brief encounter, Brown is dead and Paul is not in such great shape either.

Mr. Brown, it turns out, is really Jackie “Grinner” McNair, a nasty and vicious Dublin crime lord with lots of enemies. Some of those equally nasty enemies believe McNair had whispered something important in Paul’s ear, something they’ll go to any lengths to find out.

With the help of new friend Brigit, a cute nurse but terrifying driver, he escapes the hospital and goes on the run. Bunny McGarry, an unconventional cop who has been known to make his own laws, contributes his own particular set of skills to keep Paul living and breathing, and a rollicking good time is had by some.

Mr. McDonnell is an Irish novelist and a stand-up comedian. That last fact is abundantly clear in the sly humor that permeates the pages. The characters are delightful, each one a unique and fully formed. This is the first of the Dublin Trilogy series, and I look forward with pleasure to reading the rest. I highly recommend this book and this series.

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