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By Terry Devane

Putnam Publishing, 2003 ($24.95)
ISBN: 0399151699

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

A STAIN UPON THE ROBE is the third legal thriller penned by Terry Devane in the Mairead O’Clare series. Though O’Clare is the central character, the series has four members of the Sheldon Gold law firm who are all integral to the telling of the tales. The latest release, A STAIN UPON THE ROBE resonates with similarities to two high-profile cases in recent years---the sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests and the lawsuits all over the country; and the disappearance and murder of Sandra Levy, the young woman romantically linked to the high ranking member of Congress. In Devane’s take on the tale, Judge Barbara Pitt is presiding over a high profile trial of a former priest on trial for molesting almost two dozen children in the various churches. The trial has drawn intense media and political scrutiny. The Judge is romantically involved with her young law clerk who has disappeared. Fearing the scandal that might ensue, Judge Pitt hires Sheldon Gold’s law firm to represent her and to help find out what has happened to the missing law clerk.

Sheldon Gold and his firm, including the young Irish lawyer, Mairead O’Clare along with the firm’s investigator, former Boston cop, "Pope" Murizzi, begin delving into the clerk’s disappearance, learning that the man has a unusual and checkered past, one that her Honor didn’t know, or acted like she didn‘t know.

A STAIN UPON THE ROBE is scheduled for release in paperback from Berkley Books in August 2005. It may be pre-ordered now.

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