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The Lucifer Contract
By Maan Myers

Bantam, 1999. Pbk.

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

The latest installment in the historical mystery series featuring the Tonnemann family is set in New York City during the Civil War. A small band of Confederate officers plot to set off a series of fires on election day which will destroy the city. Peter Tonnemann, a dissolute young journalist in a family of policemen, hears rumors of the plot. With assistance from Patrick Duff, a Union veteran, and Meg Clancy, a lovely Irish barmaid, Peter tries to convince the authorities that the plot they believe to be a hoax is real before itís too late.

There are interesting subplots for several of the characters, as well. Duff, half-blinded in battle by a man he believed to be the Devil himself, encounters the man again in a dark New York alley.

Meg, who dreams of being an actress, is enamored of a widowed actor named Edwin Booth, but she does not care for his smarmy brother, John Wilkes.

The novel is based on real events. The real and fictional characters are blended seamlessly into an exciting and very entertaining story.

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