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A Silver Dagger Anthology

Presented by Silver Dagger Mysteries
Compiled by Sandra Cerow Leonard

Silver Dagger Mysteries, 2006 ($9.95)
ISBN: 1-57072-312-5

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

This anthology is from the Ohio River Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime and is a follow up to the popular DERBY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. Contributing authors include Mike Bradford, Din Obrecht Dulworth, Teesue Herring Fields, Sarah E. Glenn, Tamera Huber, Elizabeth L. Kutak, Sandra Cerow Leonard, Jeffrey Marks, Gwen Mayo, Rick McMahan, Elaine Munsch, Beverle Graves Myers. P. J. Robertson, Brenda Robertson Stewart, and Laura Young.

The first Saturday in May, for those who may not follow the horses, is the Kentucky Derby. Each of these stories centers around that particular day. Horse racing enthusiasts may already be quite aware of that special day, however, they may still learn something new from the fun facts and tidbits that introduce each story.

This is a well-balanced anthology with stories that will appeal to a wide variety of mystery enthusiasts, including those who may not be horse racing fans. I particularly enjoyed "The Case of the Purloined Derby Dog" but must include a disclaimer here, because the story was written by Rick McMahan, one of our omdb! reviewers. He is one of my favorite "up and coming" authors. Jeffrey Marks is another of my favorite writers. His story in this anthology is "City for a Day."

I enjoyed most of the stories and found the fun facts and "tips" accompanying each story quite interesting.

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