A Victoria Square Mystery

By Lorraine Bartlett

Berkley, February 2011 ($7.99)
ISBN-13: 978-0425239858
Reading level: 18+

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Katie Bonner, who really never planned to run a business, finds herself with no other choice than taking charge of Artisans Alley since Ezra, the original owner is found murdered. Ezra and Katie's husband had been partners in the business, but six months earlier, her husband had died in a car accident. Now, Katie needs to find a way to trigger sales which have decreased for the past six months, or else she — and all the vendors — will end up losing everything.

As Katie starts looking into the business, she has growing suspicious about her own husband's death. Had it really been an accident? Who might have hidden interests that could lead them to kill Ezra and probably her own husband?

An intriguing mystery, I loved the book not only for its plot and the twists involved, but the description of Artisans Alley is very vivid, you can even smell the flowers and feel you can touch the pieces of art. I enjoyed it so much that I just didn't want it to finish!!

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