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By L. J. Sellers

Spellbinder Press, February 26, 2011 ($13.99)
Kindle Edition, $2.99 ISBN-10: 0983213836
ISBN-13: 978-0983213833

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Every time I read a Detective Wade Jackson book, I say to myself, "Well she won't be able to write one better than this..." and each time I begin to read the newest book in the series, I know I was wrong. The author has written one that is better than the last!

DYING FOR JUSTICE is the fifth book in the series. Readers new to the series can pick up all the background about Detective Jackson they will need to fully enjoy the book as the storyline progresses.

Two cold cases require the police department's immediate attention. Years ago, Detective Jackson's parents were homicide victims. The man convicted of the crime now claims his confession was coerced. Another cold case becomes active when the victim recovers from a 2-year long coma claiming someone tried to kill her. Until now, the case was considered a botched suicide attempt. Lara Evans, a detective-in-training, is assigned the attempted suicide/assault case but quickly discovers she's in over her head when the victim reveals the primary suspect. The author weaves the two cold cases towards a potentially deadly resolution in the present day.

Fans of police procedurals will find the blend of mystery with suspense to be just right. The author, an award-winning journalist, knows how to write.

Other titles in this series include THE SEX CLUB, SECRETS TO DIE FOR, THRILLED TO DEATH and PASSIONS OF THE DEAD. If you would like to read reviews of these other Detective Wade Jackson books, please click on the title. The author has also written two stand alone thrillers, THE BABY THIEF and THE SUICIDE EFFECT.

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