A Clueless Cook Mystery (#1)
By Liz Lipperman

Berkley, 2011 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425244043

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

This is the first book in the Clueless Cook Mystery series by Liz Lipperman, and I must say it definitely exceeded my expectations. It was not only a very well-crafted story, but the characters were really fun and likeable, and the setting just delightful.

Jordan McAllister, who currently works at the Ranchero Globe newspaper writing personal ads, is sent to fill in for the culinary reporter. Her first assignment is at the recently re-opened Longhorn Prime Rib steakhouse, although in fact, she doesn't eat steak. She asks her friendly waiter to recommend her something that is not red meat, and this is where it all begins. She orders the Foie Gras, whose aspect is not really appealing, and when no one is looking at her, Jordan decides to hide the food in the purse that she borrowed from her friend Rosie. When she gets home, she realizes that her friend's purse has been ruined by the food she kept in there, but losing Rosie's friendship could not be as bad as finding her waiter from the steakhouse murdered outside her door. Now, Jordan has not only become the prime suspect of the crime, but apparently also the next target of the killer...

As in all good mystery stories, there are lots of twists and action, but what I truly loved more is the hilarious way in which the author describes Jordan's thoughts. She did such a great job developing the characters that you end up feeling you have just made new friends. I truly enjoyed the read, and can't wait to read the following books in the series.

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