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By Michael Connelly

Little Brown Books, 2005 ($26.95)
ISBN: 0316734934

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

LINCOLN LAWYER is Michael Connellyís first legal thriller. The story revolves around defense attorney Mickey Haller, who Connelly fans will recognize from Hallerís background as being the half-brother of LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. Haller is the Lincoln Lawyer, his office being the back of a Lincoln Towncar as he shuttles around LA from courthouse to courthouse defending his clients. Then Mickey Haller is presented with what scares him most--an innocent client. Mickey has been so used to being a cog in the wheel of the machine of justice that heís come to fear, not hope for, a man unjustly accused of murder. The man is charged with an attempted rape and murder, but Haller begins to believe his client has been set-up, but that no one is listening. However, unlike other "wrong-man-accused" legal thrillers that are out there, Connelly does a change up, a twist that is even more terrifying. A plot twist that puts Haller between a rock and a hard place, even more distressing than defending an innocent man--trying to right the wrong of an injustice which Haller unknowingly helped create.

As always, Connelly delivers an outstanding tale filled with three-dimensional characters that walk and talk across the pages.

Edcom: This book is also available in paperback.

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