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By Michael Connelly
Little, Brown Publishers, 2005 ($26.95) Hardcover.

ISBN: 0316734934

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

With THE LINCOLN LAWYER, Michael Connelly tries his hand at a legal thriller for the first time. The idea for the book was born from a conversation Connelly had with an attorney who had no office but conducted his business from the backseat of his chauffeured car. The man explained that with so many courts all over Los Angeles that he was always on the go, so a mobile office made more sense. With that germ of an idea, Connelly came up his latest hero Mickey Haller, a defense attorney.

The diehard Connelly fan will recognize Haller, or at least his name. Haller is the half-brother of Detective Harry Bosch. In the LINCOLN LAWYER, Mickey Haller is asked to defend a rich man of an attempted rape and battery charge. As Haller prepares his defense of the accused, he realizes he may have helped a great miscarriage of justice. No, not let a guilty man go free---Haller is no saint, he knows he defends the guilty on a daily basis. What Haller realizes it that he may have helped pitch an innocent man into the maws of the justice machine.

Once again, Connelly delivers a superb book filled with interesting and believable characters and a plot with plenty of twists and turns.

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