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By James Patterson and Andrew Gross

Little, Brown, July 11, 2005 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 0316057851

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Ned Kelley is the consummate beach bum. He works part time as a lifeguard, part time as a pool boy and runs errands for a well-to-do man in exchange for his apartment in Palm Beach, Florida. Life was not always so warm and sunny as Ned came from a rough neighborhood in south Boston where his family still lives, anchored there by his father, a small time criminal with big ideas.

Things are definitely looking up when Ned meets and quickly falls in love with a beautiful, well-to-do socialite. Only one thing stands in his way. Ned has hooked up with four friends from the old neighborhood and has agreed to help them with one last heist. This one is an art heist at a rich man's mansion. It is supposed to be a piece of cake.

Ned will drive around different neighborhoods setting off the alarms and keeping the police busy while his friends go in and get the goods. All at once things go wrong, the paintings are already gone, his friends are brutally murdered and so is the young socialite.

Ned is then on the run, back to Boston and the hopes that his family can help him out of this mess. An attractive young FBI agent draws the case and is soon breathing down his neck. Ned must find out who set up his friends, why his lover was killed and how to avoid prison.

Once again I am a devoted James Patterson fan. The action and fast moving pace always guarantees a good read. If I pick up a Patterson book in an afternoon it goes without saying that it will be finished before bedtime that night.

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