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CHANDLER'S DAUGHTER: A Lexy Connor mystery.
By Truly Donovan

Write Way Publishing, January 2000

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

Tally Richard always knew she was adopted, but wasn't especially interested in finding out about her birth parents. Her adoptive parents hinted that it was safer if she didn't know about her past until she was older. They died before that happened, and the secret seemingly died with them. Then Tally got a message from an unknown woman telling her she was in danger because of her past. The woman urged Tally to meet her, but when Tally arrived at the hotel she learned the woman was dead, apparently the victim of an intense interrogation.

The LAPD detective assigned to the case said it was the kind of questioning technique an "old cop" (prior to Rodney King) would have used. Tally fled to Boulder, Colorado to the home of an old family friend, computer consultant Lexy Connor, and threw the problem into her ample lap.

Lexy is self-described as "old, fat and lazy," as unlike a hardboiled P.I. as possible, but Tally persisted. After all, who would suspect an old, fat lady with a little white terrier of being a dangerous snoop. Soon Lexy and Molly, the West Highland White Terrier, were winging their way to southern California, where Tally's nerdish boyfriend fitted her with a state-of-the art laptop complete with sophisticated security features and other bells and whistles. She begins to learn about the people involved in Tally's life and that of her parents, and meets people in high places with great connections. When her search takes her back to the east coast, those connections are of tremendous importance. One of them leads to a powerful judge who not only assists in the search for the truth but falls heads over heels for our heroine.

Although Lexy and some of her nearest and dearest get into some sticky and potentially lethal situations, we always know that good will triumph over evil in this charming tale. There are wonderful descriptions of the landscape in California and New York state, and lots of details on the lifestyles of the rich and powerful of both locales. Very enjoyable for the fan of the cozy.

This book will be available in paperback in September, 2000 from Worldwide and may be pre-ordered at online bookstores.

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