By Joan Leotta

All three of the people who had been on the escalator had been standing on the right. The thief would have used his/her left hand to pick Kevin's pocket. Both of the man's hands were occupied. The woman with the shoulder bag had her left hand on her purse. Kevin recalled that the woman with the red purse had bumped him as he ran down the steps. He now realized she had taken his wallet, placed it in her capacious bag that she held, guarded from others, between herself and the escalator wall.

Joan Leotta is the author of the Legacy of Honor Series: Giulia Goes to War, Letters From Korea, and A Bowl of Rice from Desert Breeze Publishing, Cottonwood Grove published by Western Trail Blaze (April 1, 2014), Tales Through Time: Women of the South: April Publishing, Massachusetts: Scholastic Press, and A Complete Guide to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia Berkshire. She is also a poet, journalist, and story performer. She is available to talk on writing, act her women of history shows and entertain with multicultural folklore. Contact her at She blogs on performing and writing offering in addition, the occasional food article and book review.


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