By Virginia Lanier

Harper Paperbacks, July,1997
ISBN: 0-06-101086-3 $5.99

Setting: Southeast Georgia

Reviewed by Cherie Jung (8/97)

I'm ashamed to admit that the owner of a local mystery bookstore has been telling me, for years, literally, to read this author. The second and third books in the series have been sitting in my "to read" pile since they arrived. I've lost the first book in the series and will now have to track down another copy. I'd been meaning to read them...honestly. Well, you understand how these things go, sometimes.

Jo Beth Sidden is thirty-something. She's trying to quit smoking. She's trying to eat right, and exercise more. Her violent ex-husband, Bubba, is out on parole, but she has bigger worries than that. She runs a bloodhound tracking business and is trying to locate a man who has been buried alive. She fears the trail is too cold, but she has confidence in one of her dogs, a "one-year-old, blind-from-birth" bloodhound named Bobby Lee.

Page after page will rush by as fast as you can turn them, while you read this engrossing story. The cast of characters are memorable and the writing style is crisp and fast-paced. I have grown weary of many of the popular female series characters but Jo Beth Sidden is one that I'll look forward to encountering in future adventures. And if I were a TV executive, I'd snap up the rights for a television series based upon these characters!

The series: DEATH IN BLOODHOUND RED (1st in series), A BRACE OF BLOODHOUNDS (3rd in series)

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