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By Trudy Labovitz

Spinsters Ink, Trade paperback, 234 pages (May, 1999) $12.00

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

Zoe Kergulin moved to Ordinary, West Virginia in an effort to escape her past.

Zoe was working in Washington, D.C. as an investigator for the Justice Department. She was out with her best friend when the friend was murdered by an abusive husband.

Ordinary is a serene peaceful community, whose claim to fame is a local inn that is said to have been a stop on the famous Underground Railway. Ordinary is also close to where Zoe was raised and home to her cousin Ethan, a member of the local Sheriff's Department.

Zoe's quiet days are soon interrupted when a young woman moves into the farm nearby. Although they meet only briefly Zoe feels that Susan Rourke is running from something. A few days later Susan is missing and all the signs point to a kidnapping and possible murder by her estranged husband. Zoe feels that she has somehow let Susan down and joins in the search to find her.

Zoe soon finds herself tackling the mysteries of a rural backwoods community where everyone is kin and secrets are many. Along the way she discovers missing women, moonshine stills, hunting animals, and just perhaps a place that she can call home.

This was the first book I read by this publishing house and I paid little attention to that fact until I finished reading the book. I had enjoyed the story and was curious to find out more by the author. The back pages of the book indicates that Spinsters Ink was established in 1978 to provide books for diverse Women's communities. Spinsters Ink publishes novels and nonfiction work that deals with significant issues in women's lives from a feminist perspective.

If I had read this information beforehand I might have been put off, but after finishing the book I was quite content with that idea. I very much enjoyed the book.

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