By Kylie Logan

Berkley September, 2011 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425243763

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

BUTTON HOLED is the first book in the Button Box Mystery Series, and it happens to be a promising series. In my opinion, it sometimes got a little slow, but generally speaking it is a good, fun book.

Josie Giancola started her own business — a button shop — after getting divorced. She loves buttons and collects all kinds of them. But, as much as she loves them, she knows it is not a common hobby and actually not everyone — or, rather, no one — will understand this unique passion for collecting buttons. Still, her shop gets burglarized and a Hollywood star gets murdered inside the place while shopping for buttons. What everybody is now wondering is, who would like to rob anything from a button shop? Moreover, who would kill for buttons? Josie needs to find the answers to these questions before she becomes the next victim.

The characters in the book are likeable, very well depicted and the plot is clever. I would have liked maybe just a little faster pace so that the reader's attention is never lost. Overall, good book, nice concept.

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