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By William Kent Krueger

Pocket Books, May 1999

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

Ex-Sheriff Cork O'Connor was introduced in the first book, IRON LAKE. In BOUNDARY WATERS, O'Connor is hired to search for a young up-and-coming country singer named Shiloah. She has disappeared into two million acres of wilderness on the Canadian border.

O'Connor has agreed to take on this case as a favor because he was friends with Shiloah's mother before she was murdered several years before. The murderer was never apprehended.

As he sets out on his search he is accompanied by Shiloah's father, two FBI agents, and a ten-year-old child. Unfortunately it appears they are not the only ones searching for Shiloah. It seems she may have witnessed her mother's murder years ago and has been suffering from amnesia since. However, she has gone into regressive therapy and she is starting to remember.

Who was the murderer? Why are people suddenly showing up with only the remotest connection to Shiloah?

Through the whole story there is the ongoing mystery but also an underlying story of the Canadian wilderness and the Anishinaabe Indians.

I missed the first book in this series but after the roller coaster ride through this one, I have placed the first book, IRON LAKE on my list of books to search for.

Great Book!

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