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Night Kills
By Charlotte Hughes

Published by Avon Books 1998
ISBN 0-380-79220-6

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

When the quiet everyday life of a small southern town is pierced by sirens, Lee Cates finds herself thrust into the battle to find the brutal killer of her younger sister Lucy. Soon she discovers that not everyone in the town of Comfrey, S.C. loved Lucy, for she had become known as the towns good time girl. Lucy had been seen with more than one married man. When a rough looking outsider is arrested it seems that the battle is over until other strange things began to happen. It appears that he may not be the killer and Lee may become the target in this story.

The writer had a good grip on this story and made the reader feel right at home in this small southern town.The story moved fast and had enough twists and turns to keep the reader well engrossed and eager to turn the next page.

I truly enjoy a mystery set in the south and this was one of the best I have read lately. Add Charlotte Hughes to my list of southern writers to look for.

Other suspense books by this author: Valley of the Shadow and And After That, The Dark.

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