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By Laura Kasischke

Harvest Books (November 11, 2002)
ISBN: 0156027127

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

At the opening of THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES the reader is introduced to two young girls at school getting ready for class. They are obviously best friends, primping in the bathroom mirror and gossiping when they hear an odd sound. The sound they soon determine is gunshots and seem to be coming closer with each round.

Fast forward twenty years in the future, to Diana, a middle aged Mom and talented artist with a wonderful husband and young daughter. She was one of those girls trapped in the bathroom when a classmate went berserk and brought a gun to school with hints of Columbine in the air.

Diana's world seems perfect but is really starting to fall apart. She has suppressed what happened that day but things that are happening in her life are beginning to open up some memories that she can no longer ignore.

Laura Kasischke is the author of two previous novel, SUSPICIOUS RIVER and WHITE BIRD IN BLIZZARD. She is also a published poet and that shows up in the narrative of her book. The book took a now well hashed out scenario and placed a whole new twist to it. I read it right up to the last page having no idea where the author was taking me. After the final word I sat there with a "HUH?" look on my face. Believe me, this book will make you think.

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