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by Terry Devane

Berkley, 2003 (323 pages) $6.99
ISBN: 0399148868

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

JUROR NUMBER ELEVEN is the second legal thriller featuring attorney Mairead O'Clare. Mairead has just helped her boss Shel Gold defend Shel's friend-cum-organized crime magnate Ben Friedman. However, the ink isn't even dry on the verdict from the jury box when something highly unusual occurs, and she's contacted by one of the jurors. Juror Number Eleven. The woman asks to speak with Mairead, however before the attorney can get there, someone has killed the woman. The prosecutor and police are looking at Mairead and Shel for the murder as well as witness tampering. But who did it? There's a whole cast of likely suspects. Top on the list for the cops is Friedman and his crew of crooks. Then there's the family of the little boy whom Friedman was accused of running down; the Russian immigrants don't trust the criminal justice system. Not to mention once Mairead and company start looking at the victim, they start uncovering others who have every reason to want this woman dead.

Once again, Terry Devane has written a legal thriller, which takes place both in and outside of a courtroom. JUROR NUMBER ELEVEN is an enjoyable tale, and if you're a fan of legal-thrillers you should pick this one up, so you'll be ready for the next Mairead O'Clare story coming out in the fall (A BLOOD STAIN UPON THE ROBE). Also, be sure to check out the author's website at (use your "back" key to return to Over My Dead Body!).

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