July 15, 2010

"Sometimes You Cry..."

Commentary by Cherie Jung


Once the words are sent into cyberspace (aka: the Internet), they're there forever. That's what they say. I never really thought about it much. I imagined it was a warning not to print anything mean or nasty about someone so it couldn't come back and "bite you" or "byte you" (just a harmless little computer joke, folks...) later.

Recently someone told me that he had "Googled" my name and all sorts of things came up.

"Really?" I asked warily. I had tried "Googling" myself once, without much success. I knew there were some links to the omdb! website, some links to books I had reviewed, a citation for an article I co-wrote that was being used in the curriculum of a film-making class, and a ranking of two of my scripts as finalists in a script writing contest...but that was all I could think of off-hand.

"Oh, no. There's much more than that!" he countered. "Lots more. And I even 'Googled' your name before you got married..."

Uh, oh, I thought.

"Do you remember "Reading For Pleasure?" he asked.

Oh, yes. RFP was a BBS (bulletin board system) and in print newsletter back in 1990, edited by Cindy Bartorillo. I had written some reviews for it. Then there was The Mystery Connection. Another BBS that combined The Magnifying Glass (edited by Orietta Hardy-Sayles), Over My Dead Body! (me) and Deadly Pleasures (edited by George Easter) into one easily accessible area. (Even back in 1997 I was complaining that it seemed the mystery genre was dying…)

Later he emailed me some of the other links he had found.

To my amazement, I was able to call up short stories published in magazines back in 1978, 1982, and 1987 - stories I'd forgotten I'd even written.

It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Ah, the good old days...


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