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by Jonathon King

Penguin-Putnam, 2003 (243 pages) $24.95
ISBN: 0525947140

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Jonathon King won an Edgar for his first novel, BLUE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT, featuring Max Freeman. In the second novel A VISIBLE DARKNESS, Max returns no worse for wear than at the end of BLUE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT. However things are a changing. The Florida Department of Conservation is trying to make Max move from his ramshackle stilt cabin in the Everglades. Max and Detective Sherry Richards are both tentatively testing the waters to see if they want a relationship with each other. Max's friend and attorney, Billy Manchester asks a favor of Max Freeman. He wants Max to look into some deaths.

It seems that an inordinate number of elderly black people are dying, but the police believe it's just nature taking its course. People die all of the time, especially the elderly. However, Billy Manchester thinks that too many people in a small area are dying. The common thread is that a company bought back their life insurance policy and now they're dead. As Max delves deeper into the deaths, he too begins to believe they aren't coincidences. Maybe, just maybe there's something more sinister at work.

King once again writes an engaging tale of mystery and murder in steamy Florida. A VISIBLE DARKNESS is a book well worth reading.

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