By Josie Belle

Berkley, April 3, 2012 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425247020

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

50% OFF MURDER is the first book in the Good Buy Girls Mystery Series and I just think it is a great start.

Claire Freemont, librarian at St. Stanley, Virginia, runs into a dead man in the basement of the library. To her bad luck, she happens to know the man because when she was working in Boston they had been lovers. To make things worse, the police finds out that he had been killed with Claire's knife. Since everything is pointing at Claire as prime suspect, her friend Maggie Gerber and the other Good Buy Girls — who are always looking for bargains and discount coupons — decide to investigate in order to clear their friend's name.

This is a well-crafted mystery. The already over-used technique of involving amateur detectives and cops in a romantic relationship gets used again. This might be something that some readers would like to change, but I really don't mind because it gives the story a nice touch. But, what I really loved about the story, is the creative concept of having our detectives hunt for bargains while investigating a crime! I really recommend this book to all mystery cozy lovers. Another great work by Josie Belle, aka: Jenn McKinley, aka: Lucy Lawrence.

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