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by Jonathon King

E P Dutton/Penguin Group, April, 2003 $23.95
ISBN: 0525947410

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Max Freeman is a haunted man. He has retreated to a secluded shack deep in the Everglades. He is running from something terrible that happened while he was working as a Philadelphia policeman. Nothing can bring him out of self-imposed exile except for a call from his dearest friend Billy Manchester.

Max and Billy have been friends for years. Theirs is an unlikely friendship brought about by the men’s mothers when they were just boys. Max’s father was a highly prejudiced police officer. Billy and his family were poor and black. The boy’s mothers were the closest of friends.

Billy is now an attorney. While looking at some case files he has noticed an unusual pattern developing in a string of deaths in his Florida area. All the victims are elderly women, who had life insurance settlements that they have sold. They all seem to dying natural deaths.

As Max agrees to investigate he soon realizes that something evil is at work. He prowls the forgotten areas of South Florida where a white man is viewed with suspicion. Not only is Max investigating these deaths but he finds himself investigating things that he thought he had buried deep in his past.

Jonathon King is the author of THE BLUE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT, which was a Los Angles Times bestseller. He has been a journalist for more than 20 years. His coverage of crimes and criminal courts has served him well as the background work for his books.

A VISIBLE DARKNESS comes across as gritty and real. Max’s time spent on the Everglades is soothing, I can understand how this could be viewed as a place to go and heal.

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