A Detective Shaw Mystery

By Jim Kelly

Penguin, February 2009 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0141027517

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez
(March, 2014)

In Siberia Belt, along the North Norfolk coast in England, a line of eight cars became stranded by a blizzard. Within a few hours, the driver of the truck that is at the front of the line is found dead. The crime seems impossible to solve: no one saw anyone approaching the truck, but everyone claims they heard the man listening to his music at high volume and even changing the CD tracks. There are no foot prints anywhere on the snow, but still one of the witnesses from the other cars claims there was a lady with him. How could she have run away with no one seeing her and without leaving any footprints? However, a bitten apple on the truck's dash board confirms that there must have been someone else with him, since the evidence in the apple points to nobody at the scene. How was the murder committed? Who would have wanted Harvey Ellis dead and why?

This is a very interesting mystery that keeps the reader hooked to find out what comes next, and the ending offers a very clever solution. This was my first read by Jim Kelly, but will definitely not be the last one.

Other titles in this series include DEATH TOLL and DEATH WATCH.

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