By Jessica Beck

Minotaur Books, March, 2010 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0312946104

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

GLAZED MURDER is the first book in the Donut Shop mystery series by Jessica Beck. Although it is a nice, light read, I think the mystery itself could have been much better. Apparently the author is an Agatha award winner, but this book sometimes reads as an amateur work from an aspiring writer.

Suzanne Hart, owner of the Donuts Heart Coffee Shop, sees a stranger dump a dead body in front of her shop and decides to investigate. This could be the beginning of a great story, but unfortunately Suzanne keeps making absurd decisions throughout the story and this makes the whole book unrealistic and annoying. In my opinion, a good mystery is that in which the detective solves the mystery by following subtle clues, and you never see it coming. In this case, the clues were not there so it looks like the author had to make Suzanne keep making irrational choices to force her to find the clues.

I haven't read the following books in the series, but hopefully the mystery is better crafted in them.

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