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By Jeanne C. Stein

ImaJinn Books, December 31st, 2004
ISBN: 0-9759653-8-7

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Anna Strong's parents are not pleased at their daughter's choice of career as a lady bounty hunter. They will be doubly unhappy when they learn her latestsubject has brutally attacked her, raped her and left her large ex-pro football partner injured.

When Anna awakens in the hospital she does not understand why she is not shattered by the attack and why she is recovering so quickly. When the ER doctor visitsher at home after her release, he lays to rest some of her many questions when he tells her that she is in the process of "Becoming"... becoming a vampire just like the ER doctor.

The story that follows is Anna's indoctrination into the vampire world as she attempts to learn about this new life she is forced to live while hunting down the man that did this to her.

Anna's new teacher tries to show her the ropes and convince her that some parts of her human life are better left behind. Anna refuses in some cases mainly she will not give up her compassion for others and the sacredness of friendship.

When her partner disappears Anna is told that is a warning but she refuses to turn her back on her dear friend.

Vampire books are becoming quite popular. It was quite refreshing to pick up one that used a female lead character, unfairly turned into a vampire and clinging to her female emotions. At last a fresh twist.

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