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By John Case

Ballantine Books, October 12, 2004 ($25.95)
ISBN: 0-345-46471-0

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Alex Callahan made his living filming horror, death and wartime as a well-known television correspondent. His dedication to his work cost him his marriage. In an attempt to mend his marriage and get to know his family better he made a deal with his wife. Alex is spending more quality time with his six-year-old twins. This includes doing whatever they choose each Saturday. None of the pain and horror he witnessed in his workday life prepared him for the horror he feels when he realizes on the latest Saturday jaunt that his children are missing.

Soon Alex releases that not only are the boys missing but they appear to have been kidnapped by a serial kidnapper and murderer that Alex dubs "The Piper."

Over time Alex gives up his life and his career in an attempt to track down the man who has taken his sons. He travels into the mysterious world of magicians and later into the dark and foreboding world of Voodoo. Alex will do anything to find his sons.

This is my fist book by John Case but hopefully not my last. The cover of the book touts it as a thriller and indeed a thriller is what it was. I read way into the night in a attempt to discover just what had happened to Alex's boys. Truly a book I did not want to put down.

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THE MURDER ARTIST is scheduled for paperback release in June, 2005 from Fawcett Books.

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