Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Starring: Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sidney Poitier, Diane Venora, Michael White Director: Michael Caton-Jones

Rating: R
Format: DVD, VHS

This movie is based on the screenplay from the 1973 film, The Day of the Jackal. Based on the screenplay, not the novel. That's clue number one. Bruce Willis portrays the elusive assassin called The Jackal. Clue number two. Richard Gere plays a former IRA terrorist. That's clue number three.

I found this movie boring and silly beyond belief.

I liked the book and I liked the earlier film. I didn't for a moment buy Bruce Willis as an elusive assassin. No matter what color or length his hair was, Bruce Willis still looked like Bruce Willis. I didn't for a moment buy Richard Gere's terrible Irish accent. (It was almost as bad as Brad Pitt's Irish accent in that movie he did with Harrison Ford a few years back.) The entire premise seemed strained. And the final target was disappointing. The FBI may not have been able to figure out who the real target was until the bullets started flying but I knew early on who wasn't the target and quickly guessed who was.

If you are in the mood for a good hitman thriller, I'd suggest "The Professional" or the original "The Day of the Jackal."

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