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By Thomas H. Cook

Bantam, June 1st, 2004
ISBN: 0553580922

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Twenty-five years ago Roy Slater got on a bus inKingdom County, West Virginia and never came back. He left behind his father, Lila, his one true love, and a past he has spent years trying to escape. Roy has now returned to his hometown to care for his aging father, who is dying of cancer. He is also forced to face the ghosts from his past and the one love he left behind.

As the book progresses the reader becomes aware that the death of Roy's brother that happened many years ago, and the murders that were so easily explained away at that time now leave many questions unanswered.

Thomas Cook's depiction of the West Virginia area, the good old boy politics and a small southern town is very much right on the money. He spins a tale of the confused relationship of a son that went away and a seemingly uncaring father.In the story is also the love that he has never forgotten, the mystery of what happened to his brother,and how his brother's death affected the next twenty years of his life.

Cook's earlier works including BREAKHEART HILL and THE CHATHAM SCHOOL AFFAIR established him as a true southern mystery writer. This book, INTO THE WEB only cements that reputation.

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