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We've just posted four new short stories. (More to come, soon.)

"MATCHING PAIR" by Regina Clarke,
"MURDER AND MONEY" by Jacqueline Seewald,
"BASHAM'S THEORY" by J. T. Seate, and
"DO I KNOW YOU?" by Ruth M. McCarty.

We also have posted 10 new "Solve-it-Yourself" mini-mysteries!

Did you catch our interviews with author Sue Ann Jaffarian (best known for her Odelia Gray mystery series which features a full-figured paralegal who has a knack for finding bodies and deciphering "whodunit") and author Anita Page (Her debut novel is set in the Catskill Mountains and introduces readers to community activist Hannah Fox and Senior Investigator Jack Grundy)?

Also checkout the recently posted short story by Anthony Lukas, "The Old Damned Fool," if you haven't already.


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