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Recently we have been experiencing some irregularities with our incoming emails. Several have taken 5-9 days to appear in our inbox after they were sent (according to the time/date and send/receive information contained in the email headers). To be fair, we've also received three emails 2 days before they were sent (again, according to the time/date and send/receive data in the email headers) and 1 email from my dead sister. (She died four years ago but yesterday sent us an email with dieting tips that Oprah swears by.)

We are receiving emails from New Zealand but not Australia. Canada? Yes. England? No. Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, and India? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. The United States? Some, yes. Still, we have no idea how many emails meant for us are floating undelivered in cyberspace.

Bottom line: If you have recently sent us an email to which you expected a reply but have not received one, please resend your email.


Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1938, Auburn, WA 98071-1938.

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