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We're back! Again.

Recently the company that hosts our website migrated from one cloud to another.

They gave us fair warning and it looked like we had survived the migration without any problems, until our website disappeared. Apparently, we weren't on the cloud with everyone else.

Clouds. Just what I needed.

Our hosts tried patiently to offer various suggestions on how best to resolve the issue(s) yet it seemed we might not be on the same planet, let alone the same cloud. It was as if they were speaking a foreign language. I hadn't a clue what they were referring to. I'm more familiar with the editorial side of things. Luckily, a friend who does know the technical side of websites helped me get things straightened out over the course of a couple of days and two very long nights. Whew!

We have finally sorted out the glitches...I think. Next up...some new short stories.

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