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By M.C. Beaton

Ballantine, 1991 ($5.50)

ISBN: 0-80410768-8

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

Hamish Macbeth enjoys the quiet life of a village constable. However it is not to remain that way when a flamboyant rich woman named Maggie shows up with her timid niece Alison. Maggie flirts with the men and alienates herself from the women. Rows break out and Hamish is caught in the middle. Wherever Maggie goes she seems to stir up trouble.

Suddenly Maggie is murdered. With most of the villagers having a reason to want Maggie dead, Hamish now has a big job in front of him to find the killer.

M.C. Beaton is the author of over 20 novels featuring Hamish Macbeth. For a list of the titles, please click here.

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