By Adrian Ludens

Sarah never identified Bo as her husband. The man in the trees only assumes this is the case. He is bluffing, hoping to intimidate her into giving him money. Unfortunately for the stranger, Bo is not a person at all, but a dog, and Sarah has just summoned him back to camp with a dog whistle.

Adrian Ludens is the author of Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles, available online on Smashwords and Amazon in multiple formats. His short fiction has appeared in: Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste, Blood Rites, the Stoker-nominated Slices of Flesh, and upcoming in Darker Edge of Desire, among others. Magazine and online appearances include Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Woman's World, Big Pulp, and Over My Dead Body!. Visit him at

Last year, omdb! published a longer story by this author; "Monday Mourning at the 'Curl Up and Dye'" (June, 2013).

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