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By Linda Howard

Pocket, May 1999 $6.99

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Linda Howard's new book is a study in romantic suspense.

Our main character is Paris Sweeny, a talented young artist who has been selling her work at an exclusive New York Gallery owned by her friend Candra Worth. What more could she asked for?

Then the story goes awry..Traffic lights change just as she approaches them, her plants bloom out of season and worst of all she sees ghosts on the streets of New York. She adjusts and goes on until she falls head over heels in love with Richard Worth, Candras soon to be, ex-husband and begins to paint in her sleep. First a shoe, then a leg until she realizes she is painting a murder scene. Can Sweeny finish the picture in time to save the victim and will the painting reveal the murderer?

Well, read the story and see!

This was a well written romantic suspense. I am not usually drawn to this type of book but Linda Howard serves her readers well with this one.

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