Fiction's Opening Sentences 1950s-1990s
Edited by Sharon Rendell-Smock

ISBN: 0-9654981-0-7 $7.95

Reviewed by Cherie Jung (12/97) What's not to like about a book that presents opening lines from some of the best books written in the past fify years? Especially when the editor has conveniently divided things by categories (mysteries, science fiction, mainstream, westerns, and romance) and decades. The book also contains numerous fillers like which authors write in more than one genre, who's who pseudonym wise, and which classic books were once banned.

While you may find yourself reading this book from cover to cover, at one sitting, it is more likely you'll find yourself browsing from page to page, jumping from one section to another. I couldn't resist checking to see if my favorite books were among those that made the editor's cut.

A clever marketing person would get copies of this book into the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists nationwide! (Not to mention hotel lobbies, crowded cafes, and anywhere else fans of reading are likely to pass time.)

GETTING HOOKED would make an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys reading just for the fun of it, or anyone who studies writing seriously, like aspiring writers.

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