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By James Patterson and  Howard Roughan

Little, Brown, February 14th, 2005
ISBN: 0-316-71062-8
Awarded the 2005 International Thriller of the Year

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Nora Sinclair is a beautiful, intelligent interior designer. She is also what is known as a black widow. She methodically marries rich, wealthy men and then murders them. She is not unduly cruel or mean in her ways of dispatching of them. She may even love them in her own way. It is all just business to her. At the opening of the book Nora has two husbands and is attempting to decide who must die first.

Enter FBI agent John O'Hara. He suspects the truth behind Nora and goes undercover in a attempt to discover the truth behind her charming but deadly façade. Trouble soon steps in when John tries to outsmart Nora and finds himself becoming attracted to her.

Throw in a multimillion dollar insurance settlement, money hidden in the Cayman Islands and Nora's ingenious murder method and you once again have the page turner that James Patterson is so well known for.

For some reason James Patterson's short chapters always capture me right away. I often find myself saying, "Just one more chapter..." only to discover that two hours and countless chapters have passed. I don't mind the fact that Patterson is co-authoring with other writers. I can still see his style in each one and look forward eagerly to each and every book. He is always on my "must buy" list.

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