Slave of my Thirst
By Tom Holland

Pocket Books, 1998

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Tom Holland does it again! This wonderful book's main character is Dr. John Elliot. He receives a packet of letters from Abraham Stoker...more commonly known to us as Brahm Stroker, author of Dracula.

The story starts out in India , where a mysterious epidemic is plaguing the country. Dr. John Elliott has gone there to lend his expertise. Upon returning to London, Elliott cannot put the thoughts of this horrific disease aside or its shaded ties to the vampire legend. Then a dear friend goes missing and Elliott must search the very worst parts of the city where he realizes that his journey has not ended but merely begun. He takes this journey with Abraham Stoker and soon meets the gorgeous Lilah who seems determined to drag him down to the pits of hell with her.

Along the way Dr., Elliott meets Sir Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, and many other well known English characters.

Once again, look out Anne Rice, for Tom Holland is breathing down your neck in competition for the fans of vampire lore...

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