By Tom Holland

Pocket Books, 1996

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Anne Rice fans be prepared, author Tom Holland has penned a book to challenge Ms. Rice many times over.

Not since Lestat, has a vampire been more charismatic than Holland's vampire "Lord Byron". Yes, Lord Byron legendary poet and lover, one of the undead, doomed to live all eternity...or is it doom?

This book is the story of his becoming, his travels, and tales of sex, death, and terror. All told in the gothic atmosphere and setting of England during the period.

I am sure this book qualifies as an historical mystery...something I generally shy away from, but it would also qualify as a horror story, a love story, a vampire novel and a suspense story.

But be warned, the end is wonderful, nail biting suspense at its very best. There have been many Anne Rice wannabees over the past few years but I feel Tom Holland may finally give Ms. Rice a run for her money.

I am looking forward to reading his next book...Slave of my Thirst.

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