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By Sharon Love Cook

Mainly Murder Press, 2010 ($15.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9825899-8-4
Kindle eBook: (2.99)

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Vivian Klinger, Ph.D., was the least likely of Granite Cove, New Jersey's inhabitants to be murdered, but she was dead and local reporter Rose McNichols was determined to find out the details — who, what, when, where, and why — as any good reporter would. There are plenty of suspects, it turns out, and Rose is up to the challenge.

The most notable aspect of A NOSE FOR HANKY PANKY is not the mystery of whodunit or why, it is the writing style of Ms. Cook. I love reading an author with a sense of humor that is conveyed through well-drawn characters. In Rose McNichols the author has created a character that folks used to say, "is my kinda gal."

I think A NOSE FOR HANKY PANKY will appeal to a wide range of readers.

Although this is Ms. Cook's debut novel, I think readers will be eagerly waiting for the next, and the next, and the next from the author, series or non-series. (I'll even bet her grocery lists would be fun to read!)

omdb! recently published "Marriage Made in Heaven," a short story written by Ms. Cook. (Please click on the underlined title to read the story.)

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