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By Adrian McKinty

Pocket, December, 2005 ($7.99) Reprint edition
ISBN: 0743470575

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

HIDDEN RIVER is McKinty's second book, however, this is a stand-alone book, not featuring the author's popular Michael Forsythe character.

Instead, it introduces Alexander Lawson. Lawson is a heroin addict. He was a detective on the Northern Ireland Police force until he was forced to resign in disgrace. His ex-girlfriend has been murdered in Denver, Colorado and her family begs Alex to investigate. He heads for the Rocky Mountains with a pal to solve the murder.

As you might expect, bodies begin to pile up and soon enough all heck breaks loose.

McKinty is skilled at taking the reader along on a rollicking ride with characters that are flawed yet sympathetic. More than once I found myself thinking, "If only he'd...wise up, straighten up, etc." But of course, that's part of the lure. If Alex cleaned up his life, we probably wouldn't be interested in what's going on with it, would we? Lawson is not a character without hope, he just tends to mess things up before he can redeem himself. He's vulnerable and I like him more because of it.

If you like a fast-paced thriller from start to finish, then try HIDDEN RIVER, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The author has written two other books, DEAD I WELL MAY BE and THE DEAD YARD.

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