By Lillian Fischer Hellmann


Publisher: The Red Herrings Press (November, 2018)
Format:  Paperback
Price: $ 16.99

Kindle (preorder): $2.99

ISBN: 978-1-938733-95-6 pbk

ISBN:  978-1-938733-52-9 Ebook

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A Georgia Davis PI series (Book 5)


Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel
(November, 2018)


Like so many Americans, Dena Baldwin was angry and horrified at the results of the presidential election of 2016. She stepped away from her work for the family foundation and became a full-time activist. She formed the Resistance USA movement immediately. Within a few weeks, it was forty thousand strong. The purpose of the group was to remove the new resident of the White House by any means necessary, as long as they were legal.

As Dena started to address a huge crowd at a rally in Chicago’s Grant Park, a sniper from a nearby roof shot her dead. One of her staffers was also killed, and several people were injured. Police quickly found the shooter, an ex-Army marksman. An IED had apparently gone off prematurely and killed him instantly.

Dena’s mother Erica thought there was more to the story. She asks private investigator Georgia Davis to find out if Jarvis was the lone killer or a patsy of someone more powerful. Georgia is reluctant: the FBI had already pulled out all the stops, following all the physical and digital leads, with minimal success. Georgia’s mentor, Paul Kelly, had highly recommended her, and she was finally convinced to take the case. Erica, married to Washington mover and shaker Carl Baldwin, had deep pockets, allowing Georgia to call in the big guns. Georgia was puzzled that Dena’s brother Jeffrey, who ran the family foundation with her, wants the matter to be dropped. A former junkie and family black sheep, Jeffrey was now the prodigal son, all his vices conquered. Or were they? Georgia adds him to the list of possible suspects.

Georgia pulls together a team to help investigate the roughly 42,000 suspects, and the case starts to take shape. On the home front, her romance with her hunky and smart boyfriend is at a crossroads. Her life took a major turn when she took in her needy, self-centered half-sister and her infant nephew, and she’s still trying to adapt to her new normal. In the midst of the pressure of the case and her home life, a long-lost and unlamented relative shows up on her doorstep, sending Georgia into a major meltdown.

HIGH CRIMES is a thinly-disguised story about the current political situation. Those who prefer their reading material without politics may want to skip this. Those who can relate to the disturbing direction our country has taken will find much to identify with, and those who enjoy a first-rate mystery, will enjoy the latest in the highly-acclaimed Georgia Davis P.I. mystery series.  

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