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MISERY LOVES MAGGODY: An Arly Hanks Mystery (Maggody Series)
By Joan Hess

Pocket Books, January 2000 (PB)

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

In Joan Hess's newest Maggody offering the reader finds themselves on a pilgrimage to Elvis.

The main character, Arly Hanks, discovers that her mother, Ruby Bee, owner of the local bar and grill has decided to take a small vacation with Estelle Oppers, her best friend and local beautician. They have booked a trip with a cut-rate tour group to see Graceland and pay homage to Elvis.

Problems arise from the very start when they discover the tour they have joined is filled with some very strange and unsavory characters.

Estelle cannot understand Ruby Bee's bad attitude until she collapses and is rushed to a hospital.

This is where Arly must step in. However upon her arrival, she discovers one of the tour members dead and one of Maggody's most well known citizens arrested for murder.

Only the citizens of Maggody could find this much trouble this far from home.

I have missed a couple of Joan Hess's Maggody series but after reading MISERY LOVES MAGGODY I find that I must pick up where I left off and reacquaint myself with this quirky little town and its lovable citizens.

Other titles in the Maggody series include: MURDER @ MAGGODY.COM (hc), THE MURDER AT THE MIMOSA INN, MIRACLES IN MAGGODY, and THE MAGGODY MILITIA. Ms. Hess is also the author of the Claire Malloy series.

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