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By Martin Hegwood

Minotaur Press, 1999, (247 pages) $5.99

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

BIG EASY BACKROAD marks the entry of another Southern author, Martin Hegwood, delving into the sultry Mississippi delta mysteries. Hegwood's hero is Jack Delmas, a PI who handles mainly insurance investigations. However, Delmas stumbles over a murder victim, with the trappings and voodoo markings of a notorious New Orleans narcotics trafficker's handy-work. This narcotics trafficker is the same person who killed Jack Delmas's first partner in the PI business.

A young waitress who was the friend of the new murder victim seems very scared, so Delmas lends a helping hand. When she turns up dead and the New Orleans Police Department arrest Jack Delmas for her murder, he finds himself inexorably drawn to exorcising a ghost of his past as well as finding the real murderer to clear his own name.

Martin Hegwood weaves a good tale with his new hero, and hopefully we'll be hearing from him again in the very near future.

Other titles by this author include: THE GREEN-EYED HURRICANE.

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