By Bethany Campbell

Bantam, November, 1998
ISBN 0-553-57688-7

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

Hear No Evil begins with a plausible method for blowing up a plane. We follow a very unstable but unnamed character through an airport as she plants a bomb aboard a small commuter plane then detonates it by making a sky phone call from another plane. Before the story is over, weve visited a cult/militia group, learned about the phone psychic business and met a very troubled little girl.

Though there is a tangling of events here, Im not really sure that this could be called a mystery. There are murders and evil, but no puzzle in the traditional sense of the word.

Campbell does a good job of making her characters believable, telling an interesting tale, and carefully knotting the loose ends at the finish.

If youre looking for a slightly creepy story that "pulls characters from the headlines" as they say, read this one.

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