By Herschel Cozine

The cat had left the room. Eleanor, with help from Fred, had stolen her own necklace for insurance purposes. While carrying the cat to the door she placed the necklace around its neck, intending to retrieve it when everyone had left. Eleanor knew the cat's habits, and that it would not leave the yard. The "power failure" was caused by her husband who threw a switch behind the bar.

Kelly found the cat curled up in the little house in the patio with the necklace around its neck.

Herschel Cozine has published extensively in the children's field. His stories and poems have appeared in many of the national children's magazines. Work by Herschel has also appeared in Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazines, Wolfmont Press Toys For Tots Anthologies and Woman's World. Additionally he has had many stories appear in Orchard Press Mysteries, Mouth Full Of Bullets, Untreed Reads, Great Mystery and Suspense, Mysterical-E and others. His story, "A Private Hanging" was a finalist for the Derringer award.

Retired from a career in electronics, Herschel lives with his wife, Sue, in Santa Rosa, California, close to his children and grandchildren.

Four of his short stories have been published on Over My Dead Body! — "Who Killed Hamlet?" (November, 2011), "The Melody Lingers On" (March, 2012), "Flashback" ( November, 2012), and "Brotherly Love" (April, 2013).

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